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Brand Storytelling Blog 

En este blog te comparto ideas y estrategias relacionadas con narrativas digitales, el storytelling de marca y el storytelling empresarial para empresas del sector turismo. También te recomiendo productos útiles para la producción de contenidos para estrategias de nuevo marketing de contenidos. Así mismo, encontrarás conceptos relacionados con marketing con micro influencers desde diferentes puntos de vista tanto desde la promoción cultural del turismo como desde la emergente cultura cyberpunk y su relación con la primera.

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In this blog by NovMeLab and Andrés Rodríguez - Coproducer Project with 1 Latin Grammy and 1 Grammy Awards (Magin Diaz el Orisha de la Rosa), you will find series and movies from Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Originals reviews, tips on how to make brand storytelling, how to write a story for a brand, how to do content marketing and how to do transmedia narrative. You will also learn relationships between SEO and storytelling, influencer marketing tips, cyberpunk style advice and influencer market place.

In the brand storytelling blog by NovMeLab you will find information related to different types of storytelling and marketing designed to generate brand awareness in social media, blogs, movies, television and other media.

Some posts will show you examples of brand storytelling, others will focus on online storytelling. I also give insights on the very important subject of storytelling with data.

On the other hand, the blog will give you recommendations on products, software, tools, platforms and sometimes some fancy storytelling app.

On the other hand, some posts are glossaries on content marketing and content analysis, which will be useful to find and clarify the definition of storytelling and the definition of marketing and other concepts related to both as well as the relationship between storytelling and marketing.

Now, to begin with, you must keep in mind that there is a storytelling business. The presence of storytelling in business usually goes unnoticed. But it turns out that the narrative, the good brand narrative, must go unnoticed but achieve the marketing objectives that we have in a strategy. For example, in these same paragraphs I am presenting you with a brand character: NovMeLab's blog. Do you see it?

Therefore, this blog does not only give advice about storytelling techniques. Here I also write about related businesses:


  • Video production

  • Storytelling

  • Smartphone Photography

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Content Marketing for Travel Marketing

  • Online Business Ideas

  • Transmedia Storytelling

  • Smartphone Filmmaking

  • Content Analysis

  • Fashion for women and fashion for men

  • Product recommendations for digital influencers

  • Branded Content

  • Micro-influencer strategy 

  • Tips for nano-influencers

  • Cyberpunk Style for travel micro-influencers

My purpose is that this blog be a space that covers all the edges that derive from brand storytelling and its importance for the production and creation of influencer content. Its relationship with narratology, with data science, with marketing and content analysis, with aesthetics and with online business models.

Here in this blog I want to show you all the possible relationships of brand storytelling with influencer marketing. For this reason, the blog links you to the influencer store by NovMeLab, where you find products designed to be useful in the daily life of the social media influencer and with the external blog dedicated to Luxury Beauty Brands and Products and Luxury Makeup Brands.

This brand storytelling blog is funded through affiliate marketing and offers photo retouching services and personalized advice in Spanish (coming soon in English) on storytelling, content marketing and content creation. You will find links to Amazon and to my Amazon Influencer Storefront.