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The influencer Shop is an Influencer Store or an Influencer Shopping Site. Is a store for influencers and an influencer marketplace where I present, as an Amazon Influencer, products that undoubtedly a social media influencer, gamer, cyberpunk video game youtuber or cyberpunk style and fashion influencer should take into account to carry out daily work. 

Also, I carry out my task as part of recognized cultural influencers and I recommend content, series and movies, music and fashion films. You will also find recommendations on fashion and luxury and video and photo production tools including professional cameras and smartphone accessories. All this will help you to be aware of what is necessary to have an influencer lifestyle with the best quality influencer equipment and live from it. With these tools you can undoubtedly be a branding influencer and develop your personal brand yourself.

It doesn't matter if you're an instagram influencer, an amazon influencer like me, a facebook influencer, a linkedin influencer or a YouTuber. It doesn't matter if you are part of the health influencers, lifestyle influencers or bloggers. Or you may be part of the technology influencers and cultural influencers like me. Here I present the best for your work.

Then get ready to do some influencer shopping on this site.


By clicking on the title or image you will go to my Amazon Influencer storefront where you can find my idea lists for useful purchases for influencers. You will find idea list for women's fashion, luxury fashion for women, fashion for men, luxury clothes for men, products for video and photo production with smartphone and mobile phones, gimbals, tripods, lenses and smartphone accessories, a list of ideas dedicated only to movies about fashion and fashion films, another dedicated to good Amazon Prime Original Series, you will find recommendations on luxury furniture available on Amazon and of course snacks and many promo codes.

Lifestyle Influencers and Cyberpunk Style Models: learn here, in NovMeLab's blog, all you need to know about content marketing strategy, influencer marketing strategy and influencer storytelling for branded content and brand storytelling


Luxury Beauty Store

Visit the external blog dedicated to show and review luxury makeup brands and luxury beauty. Here you will find the top Amazon products related to luxury beauty. If you want to visit the luxury beauty store directly, click here: luxury beauty store.

This store has the peculiarity that some of the brands I exhibit there are eco friendly and in favor of non-cruelty to other species for the production of makeup and luxury beauty products.

Brands you will find here are:

Smith and Cult

Elizabeth Arden



The Balm Makeup

Make Cosmetics Makeup


Jane Iredale

Butter London Makeup

Cargo Cosmetics Makeup

Lorac Makeup

Dermablend Makeup

Click on the image to Shop