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learn here how to make engaging content marketing with compelling storytelling

NovMeLab is a brand by Andrés Rodríguez, Creative Producer and Media Content Analyst. Consultant in storytelling and transmedia marketing strategies for film, television and new media.


Offers production and co-production services for the expansion of entertainment properties, brands and sociopolitical messages in multiplatform communications and highly successful international campaigns, brand narrative, development of storyworlds, creative design of narrative franchises and cross-media narrative.


In NovMeLab's blog, you will find content related to micro-influencer strategy, tips for nano-influencers, video, film production and photography production advice. You will learn about video and photography with smartphones, with professional cameras and sound devices. Also on each entry I focus on narrative, either the way of telling written stories or how to make brand storytelling for business and tourism and travel. You will also find recommendations for cyberpunk fashion influencers: cyberpunk style, futuristic clothing, steampunk clothing, cyberpunk makeup and hair, streetwear and solarpunk fashion.

In general, you will learn about how to do storytelling with data, thinking in terms of branded content and SEO in written texts. The blog is designed to transmit information and is financed through affiliate marketing. You will find advertising from Amazon Influencer Program and Associates.

If you think about it, it could not be otherwise, because the storytelling definition and the relationship between storytelling marketing and content marketing is close, but ultimately seeks to make profitable and generate ROI to brands and companies. The storytelling business is then something that here in this blog we put into practice, with examples, templates and promotion of products that we trust. You will find posts about influencer fashion, luxury beauty and luxury makeup recommendations based on ideas from other influencers specialized in these topics, recommendations on influencer marketing platforms, content and series analysis (useful for influencers who make criticisms and reviews of movies and television series or entertainment), quotes and references, book reviews, recommendations on influencer programs. Tips to make videos, thought for and by influencers, and tips to make influencer photography. Recommendations on tools to measure, collect and analyze data.

As you will notice among this range of products are those more interesting for social media influencers and those who work with influencer marketing or fo those who create content marketing strategies. In the blog we are not alone with the definition of influencer, we get to the point. 

Here I also offer photo editing services for instagram influencers. We aim in this way, to deliver conceptual and technical tools for global influencers and digital influencers.


NovMeLab is not an influencer agency or a marketing agency but it is a collaborative and thinking space for marketing, storytelling and branded content designed for influencers as a hub to collaborate, learn and buy. In this hub are all included, from the influencers on YouTube (youtubers) to the business person who is influencer on Linkedin.

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